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Mission Statement:

Vision of the Minds (VOTM) is an mentoring program targeting, to enrich at risk kids in the Metro Atlanta area providing education from an "Community Building" prospected, providing education facts of History throughout the world, and empowering the students with support of the American Education Requirement for grades of K to 6.

Program Goal:

The main goal of VOTM is to provide a safe and positive environment for the At Risk Youth of the Atlanta Ga. VOTM will highlight key areas for the students through the following;

• By enriching and empowering our student’s education

• By building on their interest and strengths of needs of the community

• By setting education, and personal goals for each student

• Supporting the locate elementary school by getting the student’s parents in supporting the school by volunteering 1 days a year (They will be hall monitors, work in the cafeteria, parking lot, and the classroom, or other roles they can help the school). 

Vision of the Minds Program Objectives:

• Empowering the students in education, socially, emotionally, and health

• The students will develop and improve their homework skills to reinforce learning 

• The students will develop a strong academic skill through focusing programs of Science, Language Arts, Math, and Technology

• The students will develop a good health and nutrition habits through community gardens, snacks, education food meal planning for the students, and parents.

• Parents involvement program Sankofa (Learning from the Past), will support the afterschool and outreach program to the local school 

The feature of any Community is kids, so the VOTM will build their foundation by supporting our kids’ education and the home life of each child. We will create a mentoring program with volunteers that can be more than a phone call, but will show up to the school, for PTA meeting, and teachers counseling. They must be the guiding path of the youth in our community to help change the lives.

The driving platform for this program is the education through the after school program with African History Classes. This type of support will have a great impact on our kids. We must also Police our communities, with the changes that the VOTM will be making in the community, we will have to provide protection of our communities and businesses.